Study The Greats


Old school RNB music is entering its fourth decade but has not lost popularity. A new generation of artists was inspired by the old school RNB performers and shares some characteristics, such as fashion sense and the way we captivate an audience. MacFour will have you pumping to those old school jams you miss from the ‘80's and ‘90's!

Old style funk music was originally about African-Americans expressing their social and political opinions. Soul and blues are the oldest genres and gave birth to rhythm and blues (RNB). This music was later accepted in other cultures, blending with them and becoming its own music genre. In the 1970s funk was integrated with dance with artists like Rick James making major developments.

The brilliant RNB music that came out in the 1990's was less clouded with nostalgia than its predecessors and was more about identity and energy. These are the kind of old school songs we perform.

Music is all about personal associations, which is why we come to remember, love or hate certain songs. Our old school covers will have you moving and grooving to those hip hop rhythms of the past decades as you enjoy every minute of the show. Old school RNB music in Covington, GA reflects the best qualities of hip hop and rhythm and blues from the ‘60's through today.