MacFour in Covington, GA was created in December of 2010 to the tune of New Edition ‘Heart Break.’ Our father, Kevin McKenney, challenged Kevin (KJ), then age nine, to imitate the moves they were watching New Edition perform. KJ was more than happy to show his talent and was soon joined by his brothers K’Von, K-Love and Keith until all four of us were rocking to the rhythm of the popular song. As it turned out, we were naturals with the hip hop rhythms, and that performance sparked the idea to form MacFour. A few days later, KJ asked our father when they were going to rehearse, and Kevin told him that New Edition rehearsed and prepared hard every day, to get where they are today. He said, “Study the Greats, to be Great!” With that in mind, we began our daily routine of rehearsals after school, eventually landing our first performance in August 2011. Since then MacFour has performed at several different venues, parties, concerts and special events. Throughout the years MacFour has grown and expanded in both our entertainment and business. Including becoming partners with the Nexxlegacy Streaming service (available on all ios and andriod devices), who are also partners with multiple brands such as Lego, Macy's, Champion, and more. Streaming different shows everyday 24/7. Given to the people. Our other appearances to date include various shows across the U.S, Radio interviews, apollo theater and more. Each one was a unique chance to demonstrate our talent for music and dance. As MacFour, we are determined to keep the classic RNB flavor alive by emulating inspirational groups like The Jackson 5, New Edition, Troop, Dru Hill, The Temptations, Full Force, Force MDs, The Dells, The OJays, and Levert. We study video performances by these groups on a daily basis and have also enlisted the assistance of a vocal coach in order to improve our craft. We have come a long way since 2010, and we are more than ever determined to continue through hard work to improve our artistic skills. Hire us for your wedding, party or special events to make it a lively, wonderful time no guest will ever forget!
Hi, I'm KJ. I am the founding member of Macfour. I mainly produce and edit the videos. I take charge to make sure rehersals are going right and we are ready for the show. As our saying goes "Stay ready to be ready".
Hey guys, I'm Kool, i mainly help all around dealing with little details that range from rehersal to video shoots. As you can guess by my name i am the "cool" one of the group, i mainly keep a chilled and relaxed attitude but I'm very serious when it counts.
Hi, I'm Dancer, as you guessed it i mainly create the choreography you see us do when we perform. Play a funky beat and I'm going to dance. Through our performances we help bring a smile, 1 step at a time.
Hey guys, I'm Duck, i mainly help with the singing part of the routine so you all can hear the crisp voices of R&B and hip-hop every performance, and song we do. Sing a tone or hum a tone if i like it i will sing it like i just can't get enough.